Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Book Title: The Bestseller She Wrote

Published in October 2015 by Westland
Someone has rightly said - Success has its own side-effects. Aditya, a successful banker cum author (popularly known as the Paperback king), falls into the trap laid out for him by a young lass (20 something trainee) who uses him to publish her first novel. His journey to romance, adultery, loss, realization and redemption is what this book is all about.

The Premise: "The Bestseller she wrote is a romance thriller where loyalty is traded for adultery, success is borrowed, best friends betray each other and realization comes on death bed."

Aditya, the protagonist of the story is an Alumnus of IIM Bangalore and is a very successful banker and desirable author. He visits his college for a guest lecture where he is interrupted and derided by Shreya, an ambitious student and wannabe author, over the concept that a book is not a product.

Shreya is headstrong on becoming an author like Aditya and patch up with him after the debacle so she reads his book and is absolutely impressed by him. She writes to him and plans to join his book event. Aditya is mesmerized by her young fresh beauty and pushes his best friend, Sanjay, who is also an HR at his bank to hire her as a trainee.

Adiya and Shreya cannot seem to have their eyes off each other at office and one thing leads to another, they enter a romantic relationship. Maya, Aditya's wife is a simplistic and mature woman who has been loyal to him. She has also left her job because of her family and is involved in some social work. The relationship between Aditya and Shreya grows intense and Maya is ignorant about it all the way. Soon, she comes to realize about their relationship (via phone messages) and feels broken. She then encounters Ebola, and is almost dying when Aditya realizes he loves his wife and Shreya was just a passing phase.
Their elicit affair comes of fore when media publishes their stories blatantly. Aditya wants to go back but Shreya threatens him with proof of plagiarism in Aditya's book, which she had planted when Aditya was busy fu**ing her.

Will Maya recover from death and give Aditya another chance at their relationship? Will Shreya come to terms with her relationship with Aditya? Who was the actor behind the scenes watching Aditya screw his life?
I do not want to reveal the answers as it will be a spoiler for those who want to read it.

All these questions unfurl as we reach towards the end of this novel.

 All in all this is a good, fast paced read, a little too filmy I feel, but then what good is a book which doesn't entertain to the core.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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