Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheti Chand jiyu lakh lakh wadhaiyu.. Jai Jhulelal...

Today i want to write this blog in Sindhi.. which is my mother tongue... but unfortunately most of my readers wont understand, so let me write in english..
Wondering what the title means.. It means Celebration and Happiness in order of Lakhs on the festival of Cheti Chand..
Cheti Chand
marks the New Year in the Sindhi Calender. Going by the Hindu Calender, Cheti Chand is the second day of the Chaitra month known as Chet in Sindhi. Hence it is known as CHET-I-CHAND. Since it is the 2nd day of month chaitra, it comes 1 day after Ugadi and Gudi Parwa.
We celebrate this festival in honor of the birth of our Saint, Jhulelal. This day is considered to be very auspicious and is celebrated with joy. On this day, we worship Sant Jhulelal- the lord of water and the elixir of life.
On this day, many Sindhis take Baharana Sahib to a nearby river or lake. Baharana Sahib consists of Jyot (Oil Lamp), Misiri (Crystal Sugar), Phota (Cardamom), Fal (Fruits), and Akha. Behind is Kalsh (Water jar) and a Nariyal (Coconut) in it, covered with cloth, phool (flowers) and patta (leaves). There is also a Murti (Idol) of Pujya Jhulelal Devta.
In Bhopal, we have a Sindhi committee and we celebrate this festival together with family and friends. We sing prayers, and dance to the tunes. This type of dance is called Chejj in Sindhi and is similar to Dandiya dance. We also appreciate and encourage all the students and youngsters who have achieved heights in their career and made the Sindhi Community proud.

When you meet any Sindhi and want to wish him for Sindhi New Year, you say "Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav". In response "Twah khe bhi Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav".

Lakh Lakh Wadhaiyu... Jai Jhulelal !!!!!!!!!
Proud to be a Sindhi :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dedicated to the best mom in the world... women's day special...

People say I resemble her totally.. but even at 50 she is prettier than me..
Her voice still sounds like a 16 yr old on the phone...
She still carries that innocence in her attitude..
She taught me to live.. to fight for a cause.. to stand firm.. and to lead.. Yes.. i exist because of her..
She is my mother..
she will do mimicry of people.. and laugh out loud..
she will ask you to repeat a joke 100 times until she remembers it.. and laugh even if u tell it the 101th time.. she will still plan for picnics.. and she will never say no to coffee .. :)
i still remember her expressive face when she used to teach how bactaria grows in curd.. how she used to pretend solving Erodov problems which were impossible..

but at times she will have wet eyes, just at the thought of her kids going away.. and she will still be silent when my grandmother will scream for no reasons..

My thoughts will never end... She was always there as a shield protecting me from the society.. from negetivity.. she acted as a guiding force in my life.. she stood for me when no-one was on my side..

And today.. on Womans day.. i want to dedicate this blog to my mother.. because of whom I am what I am..

I dont believe she is old now.. but she is still my best friend and will always be... I love u mom.. and no matter what happens in life.. i will never leave you alone..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A tribute to our Lady Killer on his B'day :)

u wanna know his secret.. ask his nick name.... :)
u wanna know why he is a lady killer.. just spend some time with him..
u wanna know how he invents new bplans everyday.. just ask him how much time he spends dreaming..
u wanna know why he has so many female frnds.. ask him all the daily soaps he watches...
u know why he is afraid of dogs.. this question can be answered by only by our group.. :P
yes.. he is the wave of our Pond club... the Mama in our family.. Tarang Maheshwari..

Although he lives in his dreamy land.. the moment he starts working towards practical aims, you can be sure that he will win the next 'Achievers Award'. The only problem comes in making him look beyond those unrealistic dreams.
He never holds a bias against any person. You will never find him passing a judgment in context of anyone, unless and until he has experienced the same situation in which that person is now. Even then, he will try to understand that person's reasons, rather than criticize him. Accusations don't go down well with him either. He is never ever mean. However, at times, he may say something, which turns out to be quite different from what he intended. He is totally dependable and you can trust him with your darkest secrets.
He is a very good listener and people always come to him to discuss all their major and minor problems.
Very sensitive and can get hurt very easily. He appears to be confident of himself, but on the inside, he is painfully shy. He has a very quick temper, but the anger subsides as quickly as it comes. He will never remain angry for a very long time and will seldom hold a grudge. Although he has some secret fear of revealing all about himself.
He will appreciate beauty, but he will never be disloyal.(this point was for his girlfrnd )

GO on Mama,, believe in your dreams and one day, you may be walking on the red carpet.
Hum 1 din apna Bplan jarur implement karenge... :)
Happy B'day to you and Wish you all the very best ...