Monday, March 8, 2010

Dedicated to the best mom in the world... women's day special...

People say I resemble her totally.. but even at 50 she is prettier than me..
Her voice still sounds like a 16 yr old on the phone...
She still carries that innocence in her attitude..
She taught me to live.. to fight for a cause.. to stand firm.. and to lead.. Yes.. i exist because of her..
She is my mother..
she will do mimicry of people.. and laugh out loud..
she will ask you to repeat a joke 100 times until she remembers it.. and laugh even if u tell it the 101th time.. she will still plan for picnics.. and she will never say no to coffee .. :)
i still remember her expressive face when she used to teach how bactaria grows in curd.. how she used to pretend solving Erodov problems which were impossible..

but at times she will have wet eyes, just at the thought of her kids going away.. and she will still be silent when my grandmother will scream for no reasons..

My thoughts will never end... She was always there as a shield protecting me from the society.. from negetivity.. she acted as a guiding force in my life.. she stood for me when no-one was on my side..

And today.. on Womans day.. i want to dedicate this blog to my mother.. because of whom I am what I am..

I dont believe she is old now.. but she is still my best friend and will always be... I love u mom.. and no matter what happens in life.. i will never leave you alone..


  1. he behena......thoughts ko words me express karna to koi tujhse ki akhen abhi bhi wet hain......
    u may b lucky to have d best mom in d world ....but i m luckier because i have d best mom +d best sis in d whole world...

  2. really really loved this writing, after all mom is the best anyone in the world can have.