Friday, November 26, 2010

Any publicity is good publicity!!

There were times when people used to proove their mettle by showing skills.. and results.. and they were rewarded.. but it seems that the world today looks for only one skill - Communication skill.. if you dont have that.. you dont have the key reach at the top..
Visibility.. Networking.. Elevator Pitch.. Clear communication..Diplomatic behaviour...all these terms have been repeatedly used in organisations now a days.. We never heard these words from our parent's as at their time.. what mattered most was technical knowledge and degree and not what you call as the skill to communicate...
There is a race to increase your visibility... nobody wants to be at the backend and perform.. all want the stage limelight..When i was a junior in my organisation I used to think, when i get promoted.. i will attend meetings/client calls/webnairs and seminars.. and people will know me.. they will recognize my work. It has been 4.5 years since then.. and I have seen a remarkable shift in the employee mentality.. Now i became a senior to some freshers.. but they all want to share the stage.. right from the begenning.. they do not want their manager to take their share of limelight.. they start cribbing the day they join.. they do not want to do any ground work.. they just want to jump to the top.. without learning the basics.. I dont know this mentality is because all my juniors are MBAs or because of the overall paradigm shift in the thought process of employees...
It seems everything they do.. the focus is on 'Visibility'
Whereever they go... the focus is on 'Networking'
Whatever they speak.. the focus in on 'Being Diplomatic or Politically Correct'
When they behave.. the focus is on 'Self Branding.. USP'

A complete new generation of smart employees has evolved, who are competing against each other for the top position.. but in actual dont add any value to the organisation except being visible ..

I guess...its high time that i also learn the tricks of the trade.. and become a part of this never ending marathon for life.. a marathon of networking...   :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Childrens Day- Celebration or Pity !!!

We as kids.. looked forward to childrens day, as we would have function in school, we would get sweets.. and it would be a special day dedicated only to us..
But as i grew up and learnt to see the realities, childrens day no longer became a day of celebration, rather.. it reminded me of all those kids who are not so fortunate. Their day is no different on childrens day. you will find them on chai stall early in the morning, serving chai , cleaning utensils, eating left over food.. or you can find them on construction sites picking bricks heavier than their weight, or taking care of the younger one in the sun when their mother is working at construction...Does childrens day make any difference to their life?? i dont think so.. 1 in 3 of the world's malnourished children lives in India.. more than 12 million children are exploited for child labor.. the most exploitative form being child prostitution.. they are overworked.. underfed.. and underpaid..
On the other side of the coin, we see next gen kids who are smarter than adults.. who know laptop operations at age of 5, who live in a virtual world..they good at studies.. good at sports..attend communication skill classes starting class 5th...they have doting parents who focus all their attention on the kid..
On one side we say the coming generation in India would be lucky as it would be born and bought up in a strong developing & domination nation.. But when i see the actual India.. i feel pity.. Are we any better than Africa or other underdeveloped nations in this respect ???

Every kid deserves a good life..
I believe.. if we have been born fortunate.. it is our duty to help atleast one kid with a better future..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

People who live on the surface Vs deeper people

We meet different kinds of people in life.. some are serious while some bubbly.. some are introverts while others extroverts...some are grave while some are just happy go lucky..
I always thought that people who are serious, introvert and grave kinds are difficult to handle.. coz their emotions run way deeper than others.. they dont take things lightly and such people dont share their heart with everyone.. While I being the exact opposite of the above description I always ran away from such people.. even though i have had quite a few friends in the serious category.. but they have been quite difficult to handle becoz they dont take things in the light spirit and they dont forget your misdeeds so easily..

I always wanted to be friends with the happy go lucky kinds.. wanted to be around people who make the atmosphere so chill... the people who live on the surface.. take life as it comes and are not serious enough.. But soon I realised that such people may not be good for your health.. they will forget you the moment you stop talking them.. and will find new friends quickly..
People who live on the surface will make you smile, chill, laugh.. they will be good at making promises.. they will make castles in thin air.. their talks will take you to an entirely different world and will indirectly force you to see things from their eyes.. but such extroverts forget promises.. those castles in the air.. the moment they are away.. they are quick in making friends.. and equally quick in quitting ...
I realised that serious people are sometimes good to be friends with.. they dont entertain.. they dont make me laugh.. they are not really fun to be with... but they are there when i need them.. when i am sad, they will go the extra mile to make me smile..even though they dont know how to crack PJs...they never forget me when i stop talking to them..
I used to be a bubbly, surface living person. but still I have been lucky to have some good friends in life... :)