Friday, November 26, 2010

Any publicity is good publicity!!

There were times when people used to proove their mettle by showing skills.. and results.. and they were rewarded.. but it seems that the world today looks for only one skill - Communication skill.. if you dont have that.. you dont have the key reach at the top..
Visibility.. Networking.. Elevator Pitch.. Clear communication..Diplomatic behaviour...all these terms have been repeatedly used in organisations now a days.. We never heard these words from our parent's as at their time.. what mattered most was technical knowledge and degree and not what you call as the skill to communicate...
There is a race to increase your visibility... nobody wants to be at the backend and perform.. all want the stage limelight..When i was a junior in my organisation I used to think, when i get promoted.. i will attend meetings/client calls/webnairs and seminars.. and people will know me.. they will recognize my work. It has been 4.5 years since then.. and I have seen a remarkable shift in the employee mentality.. Now i became a senior to some freshers.. but they all want to share the stage.. right from the begenning.. they do not want their manager to take their share of limelight.. they start cribbing the day they join.. they do not want to do any ground work.. they just want to jump to the top.. without learning the basics.. I dont know this mentality is because all my juniors are MBAs or because of the overall paradigm shift in the thought process of employees...
It seems everything they do.. the focus is on 'Visibility'
Whereever they go... the focus is on 'Networking'
Whatever they speak.. the focus in on 'Being Diplomatic or Politically Correct'
When they behave.. the focus is on 'Self Branding.. USP'

A complete new generation of smart employees has evolved, who are competing against each other for the top position.. but in actual dont add any value to the organisation except being visible ..

I guess...its high time that i also learn the tricks of the trade.. and become a part of this never ending marathon for life.. a marathon of networking...   :)


  1. Superlike!!!!

    but one point...

    If you look at the people who are at the peak, are not those who are just good when it comes to communicating. They are those who know basics.

    Keep in mind "tricks of the trade change, basics remain the same". If you work, no one else can take the credit forever, may be once or twice but not always....

    Suddenly I realized, I am also good when it comes to writing :D

  2. nicely said, i think this is the stroy of org, people bsy in show off and bsy in getting visibility. Sad part is many people dnt understand there tricks. Loved ur write-up

  3. Agree with Ram's point here..i guess in the end what you really are comes out and that only matters..

    but while we are getting started these things really hurt