Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It touched my heart ....

Disclaimer - The below poem is not my original, just loved it on internet and posted it here

I brought you the sun you said it was too bright
so I brought you the moon and you said it only shone in parts!
I gave you my strength you said I was too strong
so I toned it down and you said you didn’t feel protected!

I said I loved everything about you, you said I like to flatter
so I with-held my compliments and you said I don’t appreciate you enough!
I gave you my world you said all you needed was my attention
So I gave you all my attention and you said you are worth much more than just attention…
I bought you diamonds and pearls you said money can’t buy your love,
So I opted not to and you say money sustains relationships!

I said I wanted to rest and you said I was ignoring you
so I call on you every chance I get and you said I crowd your space!
I try being sensitive to your emotions you say I’m too soft
so I just show up when you call on me and you say I neglect you!
I tell you I love you, you say I need to show it
So I show you love and you say I have to say that I love you!

What I do never seems to be good enough
what I do not do is definitely bad enough:
Please take me as I am,
And I’ll certainly be what you want me to be!