Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Give a second chance to good and bad.. equally!!!

Our 5 senses.. sense of smell, touch, see, hear and taste..enable humans to recognise things and form perceptions of everything that we come across.. But what happens when there is a conflict between the two senses. Then how do you resolve these conflicts.. how do you draw conclusions and which sense do you believe..
It happens many a times that a sweet voice on the phone which pleases your ear might turn out to be of a monstor.. or a dish which looks delicious to the eye might be pathetic in taste..Next time if you see the same dish on your dining table you might not feel like eating it irrespective that it is made by a different cook..because we have formed pre-conceived notions about things.. people.. food everything..
All these notions are based on our experience and hence we trust our feelings more than we trust the cook who made that dish...May be the second time also the dish turns out to be pathetic.. but the question is will you give that delicious looking thing.. a third chance to please your taste buds.. or will you just say "yakkk" and leave it on the table.. very likely that we will react in the "Yakk" way...
But I think it deserves another chance.. you never know u might end up liking it.. or your gesture might bring a smile on the cook's face for the effort that he made for you..and if not that.. it will atleast reaffirm your bad experience with that dish..
For the sake of goodness left in this world....give chances to everything.. good and bad.. to challenge your perception.. you never know what might turn up.... but TRUST only your instinct.. only your pre-conceived notions.. unless there is a very compelling reason to change them..

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