Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

"He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Since my childhood, whenever I imagined my dream home, it was a amall mediterranian villa by the side of the beach. But life is seldom matches those dreamy childhood imaginations. After my studies I settled in Bangalore where there are no beaches and given the real estate prices, you cannot afford a villa that too with a mediterranian feel would be impossible. A medium sized apartment in a decent society is where dreams meet reality.
I had almost adjusted in real world when something struck me. Why not turn my decent medium sized apartment into something more like my dream house. So when Porcelanosa offered to make my 24Kdream home using their world class interior products, I thought why not give it a try.
The most important aspect of my home would be Kitchen, coz thats where my heart lies. I am a foodie and I love to cook, so I spend most of my weekends trying new recipes in the kitchen. The kitchen should be such that it provides space to my creativity along with manageable shelves, modular design and worktops which can handle my experiments with food.
Browsing through the catalogue of Porcelanosa, amongst the umpteen designs, I would choose the grey Roble Humo Vintage design for my kitchen as it reflects elegance and style. Since I have an open kitchen, I would select Seven Roble Coco Vintage dining setting to match with my vintage kitchen where my family can sit and enjoy those piping hot chocolate muffins as I bake them in my open kitchen.
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The second most priority place for my home would Bathroom since that's the place where I can be myself, sing to the tunes of splashing water, relax in my bathtub with lavender scented shower gel or simply freshen up after a gym workout. I would go for a Victorian single bathtub design as it will go well with my overall vintage grey interiors and a nice rain shower for my daily bath.
Though most people would like to decorate their living room first, but it comes at a later priority for me. I do have friends visiting over every weekend, so I would love to have a soothing feel to my living room with minimalistic decor. The furnishing should bring out a calming and relaxing feel, so I would choose wall designs and floor tiles with softer shades and colors. Since Bangalore is has a cooler climate, a natural wooden floor finish would add to the warmth and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Wall tiles matching with the flooring would add to the beauty of my living room. A comfortable sofa and bean bags in darker shades would complete the get up of the room where me and my friends can sit for hours and enjoy latest flicks on my home theatre system.
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I am not a typical girl but I would still love to have a large cabinet for my clothes and accessories and a large dressing table to match the overall style of my bedroom. A Foc Blanco Artico wardrobe would be perfect since it is compact and does not crowd my bedroom and it has umpteen drawers to store multiple small items in separate compartment. To top it, the wardrobe would match my vintage interiors in kitchen and bathroom.
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Well, all in all these are the things I will need to make my dream house interiors. Ofcourse, there are many other things that I would like to choose from the awesome range of products from Porcelanosa once I start to re-decorate my home.

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