Sunday, April 5, 2015

Share the Load with Ariel

It is nice to see men doing household chores and sharing the load with their better half. And why not, when women can work and share EMIs for family, so can husbands. 
When I came to know about the Ariel #WashBucket challenge, I immediately registered as I knew that my sweet caring husband would never say no to sharing the load for me. Infact after we had our baby, it was difficult for me to handle both home and office, and this where my husband held me a helping hand in all the household chores including washing.

My husband and baby Sharing the Load with Arial Matic

It was nice to receive a sample of Ariel Matic for completing this challenge. 
Here is a picture of my husband with the Arial matic pack with the washing machine. The interesting part is that washing with Arial has become all the more simpler. Just add water, clothes and one scoop of Arial matic into the washing machine and switch it on. 
All the stains are just gone, no need to use any brush or soaking. His formal shirts are now crisp and clean, The white ones are whiter now and the colored shine more brightly. My kurtas and sarees too are clean and shiny. And I do not need to worry about my laundry anymore. All I need is my Arial Matic and my washing machine.

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