Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League

Lots of videos are doing rounds and the twitter is full of tweets about #EkNayiLeague but no one exactly know what it is going to be about. Videos from the Cricket Legend Kapil Dev are keeping people guessing about what this exciting league is going to be.
I saw 5 videos of Kapil Dev, which will be soon seen on television, instructing great sport achievers that this League is going to be something different and one is bound to fail if they play with their heart. So what is this Nayi League? Here are some of my guesses -

Well, from the look of it, since Kapil Dev, the man put gave India its World Cup in 1984 and who is the face of cricket since ages, is promoting the league, it seems that this is going to be a different kind of cricket where the challenges would be such that one needs brains and not heart to win the game. But when I look at other videos, my impressions about the #EkNayiLeague change.

In the second video, Kapil advises MS Dhoni, who is one of the greatest cricket captains India has seen, to never take retirement, because stars never retire. This makes me think that this is a league where age does not matter and even retired cricketers who have the spirit can participate in it. The only condition that if they play with all their heart and passion towards the game, it will be a hit wicket. Heart has no place here.

There is a third video where Kapil appreciates Sania Mirza for playing with all her passion and leaving her mark while she comes from a country where less than 300 girls play tennis. He invites her into his Nayi League but again warns against playing Dil se. This makes it clear that his league is definitely not about cricket. This is either a sport where any sportsperson can participate or a reality show format.

In another video Kapil talks about how sports persons are making so much money around the world and in India through the IPL and other formats.He is bringing a similar league but this does not need to be played with heart and passion, rather with brains. Then Kapil speaks to another Kapil (Kapil Sharma) of Comedy Nights with Kapil fame praising his talent and how Kapil calls guests on his show and throws a googly. He again warns him that this new League would be a googly if he plays it with heart.

This makes it clear that the New League will see participation from celebrities across sectors, not just cricketers or sports persons but also from television stars.
To conclude, I think this would be a celebrity reality show where players have to beat each other with their brains and not play with heart. Talking of brains, it could also be a quiz based show or may be related to stock market or trading where people loose if they play with their heart, the only way to win is brains and thinking with your head. Lets wait to hear it from Kapil itself about what this Nayi League is about.

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  1. Looks like very interesting concept and they are also doing branding in a very interactive format ..creating buzz..

    1. Yes indeed... Thanks Vishal for visiting my blog and for your kind comments :)