Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - Fastest Network Ever

I am amazed at the advancement in technology and the pace at which it touches consumer's lives. Who would have imagined a decade back that we would spend most of our day browsing on our mobile phones. Talking and texting are the basic functions and so are browsing, watching videos, listening to music, taking pictures and sharing them on social media. A Smartphone is expected to do all these as must-do functions. Even though our smartphones have the best and fastest processor along with a good internal memory, our networks do make us wait a bit. 
The scenario in our country is very different from the west where internet speeds are much much higher and buffering is an obsolete term. So this morning when I read about Airtel 4G, I was happy that we can now enjoy higher internet speeds on our mobile in India too. 
Airtel is the first operator in the country to roll out 4G services, along with great network availability across the country, isn't is awesome.
One can have the 4G experience now at the price of 3G makes it even more tempting. Now I can browse as many videos on youtube without waiting for them to buffer. 
It makes it easier for me to video call my friends and family abroad as it would be smoother. The video chats will not hang up before time and will not get stuck in between.
Not just that, I am big movie buff and prefer to download my movies and watch them. Now I will not need to wait for my wifi connection and bring my laptop for that. I can do it on my mobile with my very own Airtel 4G internet connection. 
The Airtel 4G Advert definitely strikes a chord with users and also makes me very happy to see a 4G connection at affordable rates for common man.
Apart from movies we can also browse so many serials, download different apps and be online all the time.

My husband loves sports, and doesn't afford miss even a single over for his favorite cricket matches. Many a times the cable is down or wifi isn't working. Now he can watch all his sports channels online anywhere anytime, on his mobile. He will not miss any shot or repeat shot or commentary because the speed is so good, that there is no need to buffer or get stuck. 

Now getting a 4G sim card is just a tweet away, and it will be delivered to our home. So hassle free and customer friendly approach. 
So what are we waiting for, lets all apply for the Airtel 4G sim card and enjoy the benefits of 4G internet on our very own mobile spaces.

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  1. Its very interesting post, good job

    Videocon Telecom plans to offer 4G data at 2G/3G rates to encourage early adoption, and will be offering bundled devices as well.Videocon Telecom in a press release said that, "it to invest over Rs 1200 crore for rollout of 4G services in 29 cities of these circles in the next three years.