Saturday, February 27, 2010

Does a glass ceiling really exist??

We have always read a lot of articles on a transperant glass ceiling for women in the corporate world. But is it still a reality? or this concept has taken a backseat today? or will we talk about a glass ceiling for men a few years down the line??
Baiscally a glass ceiling in corporate world is a metaphor for a barrier for movement to the top which is transparent and cannot be viewed by everyone. A few years back it was said that women cannot climb up the ladder after a limit, unless they compromise on their morals, values, and if not all this, compromise on the family front. True, our society is not yet mature to accept the fact that women are capable enough to be at the top. However, this mentality seems far fetched in todays world for all those women who are carrier oriented, who believe in themselves and those who dare to challenge the capabilities of men.
The Indian society is maturing to this concept gradually and the day is not far when we will have more Chanda Kochers and more Sonia Gandhis in every part of the country. What is needed is a change in the mentality of the male chauvinists (MCPs), who still think that women on top have compromised their dignitiy at some point in their careers. And change is also needed in the mentality of the Bare-It-All women, who think that career growth is directly proportional to xxxxx.
The key to success lies in the right attitude and the right skill set. If you have both, nothing can stop you from breaking the glass ceiling. You are what you think you are. Change your perception and a time will come, when we will read articles on "Glass Ceiling for Men" in TimesLife.

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  1. wht will do with more chanda kochers...paise nahi deti jyada woh hehe ..jokes apartnic e article,time is changing and Indians are looking things with diff eye