Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Bhaiya se Sayiyyan" - The idea of an IDEAL husband..

this is not a new word in the indian lingo.. we all have used it in a frolic manner.. but have we ever thought that i could be relevant as well... what inspired me to write this is the typical usage of this phrase amongst us whenever a guy is seen talking to a pretty girl.. or any girl per say.

The question is whether an element of Brother is involved when a girl looks for an ideal husband or not.. Any conservative indain would say no.. but if u pour into the heart of a lady, the answer is yes..
so whats an IDEAL husband material like: he is Brother material + Boyfriend material
Brother: he is protective and caring, he gives u a shoulder to cry, he kisses on ur forehead to say i love u little sister and want u to be happy forever...
Boyfriend: he is possesive and passionate, he attracts you like anything, he is a fanatic who can do anything for you... not literally.. (this is not true although)
For any girl, an IDEAL husband is the one who has both a brother and a boyfriend in him,.. he protects you, cares for u, loves you and can do anything for you, he can be naughty but at the same time will have tears just at the thought of u leaving him.... actually the truth is the demands of women never end and they want everything in one package but thats practically not possible.. thats y i say an IDEAL combination..
so next time if someone calls u a bhaiya... dont deter urself.. the transition from "bhaiya to saiyyan" is possible just a few extra qualities are needed... :)

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