Friday, September 18, 2009

Is "36-24-36" Ideal??

this article is for women who wanna have a celebrity figure and believe that a 36-24-36 would make them have their dream guy.. but i disagree... an "Ideal" is not actually a real world ideal figure..if you have a 36-24-36 in real, people would look like you as if u were a hot actress and on the other hand if u had a Size 0 which is the Kareena figure, no one will even look at you.. y is it so? because we are REAL people, we get fantasised by the Reel world which makes us admire the beauty of curves which the models have, but we do not appreciate it when we have it in the real real world.... i believe the IDEAL for REAL people is somewhere between 36-24-36 to size 0....not the extremes...
The secret mantra look beautiful and cute to the REAL world are (2): These are my Million Dollar Rules........
1) Have the cutest ever possible smile.. remember a smile can hide lot of inefficiencies you
3) Have a positive attitute towards life..

Having all this in place..u are bound to be noticed as a cute, sweet as well as a sexy lady...
Go get it girl !!!

1 comment:

  1. Very true good figure can make u hot... but positive attitude brings peace, satisfaction, respect and most importantaly love and make u good person.

    But if Combo is available ...... den tht would be best hehehehe