Saturday, September 5, 2009

A tribute to Our very own P.A.P.A of Pond club..

His name says about Gods, his attitude is caring, teaches us SCM and is very hard working.. he is none other than our PAPA of Pond club..
He is a straight shooter who deals in the truth plain and simple and, who likes to smooth the progress of solutions as a service to others. He is task-oriented, highly organized, and a very loyal colleague who, while getting things done will often be reluctant to take any of the credit. He will tell you all the SCM concepts without any errors.. he says what he likes and what he dislikes.. there is no political correctness involved.. You may not understand some of his jokes if u are not intelligent enough.. but u can be sure that the intention is mostly a "red flag".. so think in the red flag direction and u will definately understand it....
He is a bit protective and this makes him an ideal person to be a brother.. no wonder he is a real brother of 6 and many more otherwise... He likes cleanliness and is very peculiar about small things.. pretty organised i must say.. His wish is to work for one of the leading brands and i hope that ur wish is granted to u soon...
He hates sweet things and sugary people .. i thot u hated pizza too...

This is a tribute on ur B'day... we all want to wish that u get whatever u want from life... We all will remember u as P.A.P.A in the NITIE family...
Happy B'Day!!!


  1. Happy Birthday P.A.P.A. :)
    The Pond Family will remember n cherish all moments spend wid u... for that matter each n every moment v all have spend together... laughing ... discussing useless topics... remembering childhood... even fighting at petty things is unforgettable...
    I wish v all r together always as F.R.E.I.N.D.S :)

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  3. srry for el comment :) and posting it again.

    BUT very true said.. senstive hard working person. We had nice time with fites and fun. Very supportive and encouraging i must add this.

    Time we spend together is realy beautiful, aspiration to do big and person who makes his own path. Wht else i can say a brother, friend, papa and jeeejaji. Person frm whom u can take inspiration

    On his birthday i wish god bless him with dream and gives lots of happines.

    Happy b day once again.

    Now i mus say Sneh nice article and i must post this for Ram's testimonial it will remain with him for lifetime. Very nicely writen.

  4. o comments to mene aaj hi padhe.....thank u very last u recognized the talent :D :D