Sunday, August 30, 2009

Small Thinking Serves No-One..

Our existance on earth is for a specific purpose, for a superhuman goal.. it is our duty to identify that ultimate self acutualization.. we can only get hints.. but yes, achieving the ultimate path will obviously have thorns and difficulties, and it is our karmic indebtness to go through those thorns, cross them... if we dont do so, if we are content with what happens to us and let life take its course we are actually adding to our karmic debt...

Think BIG, life has a bigger purpose, it is giving you hints by generating desires in you...go ahead and achieve those desires.. Get out of your comfort zones.. life has a lot to offer you....

SMALL THINKING: My job is enough to pay my bills why should i earn more... BIG THINKING: i want to die as a millionaire.. so why should'nt i work towards it..

SMALL THINKING:“I’m not really happy with my woman or my relationship … but it’s just so much work to go out and meet new people” to BIG THINKING: “I’m not happy in this relationship, but it’s only going to get worse. I might as well end it now for me AND her sake — I’m going to do my best to make sure I’m happy & encourage her to do the same!”

SMALL THINKING: I really love a girl since the past 4 years but I never tried because she is committed.. I will forget about her and try for some one else who is easy to approach.. to BIG THINKING: I will try my best to get the girl i love.. I refuse to accept that she is not mine..and I will make her believe in the depth of my true love no matter what it takes..

SMALL THINKING:i want to change my look, but i dont want my friends to laugh on me.. i think i will continue the same look.. to BIG THINKING: I am going to change my look, come hell or high water.. and if my friends are not kool with my new look, i will find new friends..

The point is THINK BIG.. in the short run you may face problems but eventually you will get what you want.. atleast take the first step towards doing what your Heart says.. and you will end up loving your life..

You have complete right to think about your dreams and fulfill them.. no matter what is takes.. so let us all pledge to take the first step towards the ultimate karmic indications and decide to Ask for something BIG in life because eventually life will give us what we ask for!!!!

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