Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebrating Independence

Dated : 15th Aug'09
On this sacred day i wish you all a Happy Independence Day!! but when i say this, a question haunts my mind again and again...
that are we truely independent..we need to look into our own hearts and souls to find the answer to this question. what independence means to us? does it mean just having the rights to equality, freedom, religion, the right against exploitation, education and constitutional remedies? do these fundamental rights suffice our freedom? our independence?
A great man once said: "Freedom is not free" it comes with responsibility and pride.
let us all take a pledge today to protect and respect our freedom. To show our indebtness to those men who fought for freedom, who sacrificed their lives so their our generation can enjoy the fruits of our independence... Welcome to Independent and Mature India.. I Salute You!!

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