Monday, May 25, 2009


hey all..
the POND club is not about a club or an association... its being in a family away from family.. the P.O.N.D is a home away from home.. its serene, beautiful, a way to pass our time when we dont have anything to do @NITIE or a way to pass our time when we have lots and lots to do @ NITIE.. excuse me.. m talking about studies..
every evening ... even at afternoons.. we go to POND .. its a place where we can discuss ghost stories, we can fight over things like shahrukh and salman, we can discuss the handsome RAM and SITA of ramayan, we ignore, we mingle, we laugh our hearts out and we cut cakes too...
not only this, some of us even jog around it in the hope of loosing weight.. some jog around in the hope that they can enjoy the company of some of their likes.. lazy people like me just like to sit and watch the water and sky... while some just enjoy talking on their mobile phones... secretive talks ..hmmmm....
we all have different reasons to go there... but there is one common thread that joins us.. the POND.. dont know agar pond nahi hota to kya hota.. lets all pay a salute to the pond for giving us all that it has...

ofcourse the POND club would still have existed.... irrespective of the POND exists or not.. becoz we are frnds.. and its our hearts that join us not the POND obviously..
we all are doing our internships at different places and really really miss not only the POND but our POND club too... hope to meet u all soon...


  1. Very true Said, Pond is place for every NIETIian to sit with there small family and many friends in NITIE. Awsum wind and beauty of surroundings and lot of greenry make it one of best place of city like mumbai.
    It's like choupal of villages, local train comparments, garden behind the house,city park, hang oout area... it offers you all these places can . :)

  2. "some jog around in the hope that they can enjoy
    the company of some of their likes.." are so so dead ...

  3. So very true ... We'll miss our pond as much v'l miss each other....Same way the nescafe, late nite maggies and coffees, the 96 steps ... every place v all have never ending discussions and celebrations... not to forget our very own 7th floor :P
    But yes our Pond will b always on top of list :)