Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are we living with Despo's

Despo kahika... is he a despo? really!!! lagta to decent hai...
these are some of the statement which most of the women make.. among themselves...
infact.. such men are not even aware that this is the word used for them at their back.. in gang of girls...
so.. what is a despo exactly? literally speaking, this is a slang evolved from the word 'desperate', which is generally used for men who tend to be too fast in starting a relationship or say.. who are after women who really dont like them..or who try to come too close to women (could b unintentional)
so why is it that most of the proffessional women has used this word for someone atleast once in her lifetime?? do we really have too many despo's around us? or women are trying to exaggerate?
The reasons are many.
1.women to men ratio is still very poor in proffessional arena (around 1:10), and believe it or not.. everyone needs a partner with opposite sex. Lack of options and choice makes guys too obsessive.. and too much attention makes girls too much protective about themselves..
2. Too much exposure to internet, and TV shows like MTV spitsvilla etc gives them new ways to impress a girl which may not be very suitable to a lady with typical indian mentality.
3. Guys with modern education think that its cool to ask a girl 'Are u single?' on the first meeting itself.. this may not be liked by a girl who doesnt have this kind of exposure, or could not be tolerable to many of them.
These were the reasons... and the consequences with guys who are too fast or despo's could be in 2 dimentions: either u end up making a girlfriend very fast and being recognised in ur college as kool
or u never know u are named as a despo behind ur back and u may loose out on the girl u seriously love...
so.. if u r a guy and u seriously like a girl.. do not pounce on her as if she is ur property...
do not ask questions which are too personal like "Are u single" or "wud u like to cum for coffee".. this is a complete No-No for the first urself.. do not try to pretend as if u r too kool or broadminded, this could backfire..
even a decent and sober guy can come in the category of a despo.. u never know...
All the best :)

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  1. Thanks a lot for defining the word "Despo" but what I think the post is only half done, as you have mentioned what not to do.