Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love is Dillema!!

This is not aimed at anyone.. someone wrote it.. i just liked it thats y it got a place on my blog :)
Love is Dilemma She said to me - “Love is Exception Making.” Well, I will have to agree to that partially… But for me, U r falling in Love when u face lots of dilemmas… Whenever I feel very strong and confident and if at that moment, I hear her voice or see her or just have a glimpse of her inside me – I suddenly become weak. She is like a switch turning me on and off at ‘her’ will. No!!! Should I say at ‘my’ will??? I am in a dilemma. Well this dilemma is love. Whenever I am at my deepest pits and I feel that I cannot even blow a candle out on my own and I need someone’s assistance to finish this job and if at that moment, I hear her voice or see her or just run a slideshow of her in my projector with the inner side of my closed eyes as the screen – I suddenly become stronger than Super Man. She is like a switch turning me on whenever she feels like. And she is the same switch who turns me off to… Well this is the same person, I am talking abt. How could the same person do exactly opposite things to you? I am in another dilemma. Well, this dilemma is love. I can hate her to the fullest without any regrets. I can love her to the fullest without any limits. I will hurt her and the wounds in her heart due to me will be the most painful. I will show joy to her and with my smiles in her treasure she will be the richest. I will make her work a lot without giving any returns. I will work for her a lot denying all returns. I will slap her ‘willingly’. She will slap me back just to make a point. She will yell at me when I am angry at her. She will also yell at me when I am not angry at her. I will be ready to take a day off to help her when she only needs a tip. Sometimes, I will also not help her whenever she is really desperate and at those times, she will understand me beyond me. Dilemmas keep chasing u in love…. Previously, there wouldn’t have been any face to your dream girl. But now her face is sweeter than what your dream girl’s would have been. You know that she may not fulfill all that you expected from your dream girl. You would have always thought you were very deterministic and focused. But now there is a dilemma. She is there waiting at the gates for you to come out of your boundaries. You just start walking towards her, blinded. Blinded because of two reasons – you are not sure why you are leaving all of you for her so suddenly? Blinded of another reason, you are not even sure whether she is waiting for “you”. Dilemmas again… Undeclared results for an unwritten exam. You will love her when she hates you. You will love her more when she loves to talk abt her love to you. You will fall more in love with her, the more she tries to prove that she does not match you. Then you will suddenly doubt yourself, Am I in love? Bcos, I am supposed to be angry with what she is doing to me. But this very dilemma is Love. Because if you are not in love, you will not be asking this question to yourself.

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  1. Hmm.. Still remember this one..looong time ago..some valid points here :)