Friday, May 15, 2009

Are guys from Delhi better than those from Mumbai??

This post might interest girls more... as its a comparison about "guys".. Delhi Vs Mumbai to bahut suna hoga but Delhi ke munde Vs Mumbai ke chore unique hai ji..
For analysis, NITIE has sufficient amount of guys from Mumbai and Delhi and somehow they posess distict charecterics and hence it inspired me to write this comparison...** these are general chars .. exceptions are always there!!!
1. Guys from Delhi are street smart.. they know how to bribe the traffic police when caught.. they know how to make excuses to their boss, they know how to calculatively bunk classes..
WHile Mumbai guys are executively smart.. they know how to blabber something in english and get away from trouble.. they actually know how to play with words.. they think themselves to be KOOL while the delhi people think themselves to be HOT...
2. A delhi guy will always talk about chandni chowk, chole tikki and the metro rails..
While a mumbai guy will talk about the local train, the paav-bhaji and the beaches..
Whenver Delhi and Mumbai meet.. they cannot resist this argument.. "Tumhara Delhi accha hai ya Aamchi Mumbai.. Delhi ki metro mumbai ki local se jyada acchi hai.. arre.. mumbai jitna traffic nahi jhel paayegi tumhari metro.. Mumbai me jyada pubs hai.. are nahi nahi.. delhi jyada happening hai.. and it goes on and on...."
3. Normally, as i have seen... Mumbai people prefer to take a bus or train as their commute.. while those from delhi like to go by Auto.. Moreover, Delhi guys talk more about bikes, cars etc while this conversation never interests a Mumbaiits..infact many of the mumbai guys dont know how to drive.. but still they will reach the destination..
4. Ahh... about their attitude towards girls... A Delhi guy is more shy as compared to a Mumbaiya... jitne time me Mumbaiya ladki ko pata k juhu beach ghuma layega.. utne time me Delhi guy baat kaise start karni hai vo plan kar raha not commenting on the strategy... both strategies could b good if used in proper sense..but a Mumbaiya is a bit more open and communicative as compared to a Delhi one..
Common Guys... Both cities are equally good.. Dont Argue everytime...
These were just my observations.. i dont mean any offence to anybody..exceptions to these rules exist everywhere.. Any more comparisons... feel free to comment!!!

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