Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money can’t buy Happiness...

Each one of us might have heard this phrase multiple times in their lives, some believe it, some don’t.. But for me this phrase reminds of one of the sweetest moments of my life. I went to Pune for a job and my cell was on roaming. So I could not talk to my friends for long hours as I usually do. One day my friend calls me, I talk to him for 10 mins and said “yaar m on roaming, and balance is low so lets just keep the phone down, we will talk when I get a local number”, and we keep the phone down. Immediately in the next 5 mins I get a message from Vodafone “Your account has been recharged by INR 100. Your Vodfone prepaid account balance is Rs X. “ I was taken by surprise. And in the next 5 mins I got message from my friend –“Money can’t buy happiness, but talking to you can. Can we talk now”. This brought a smile on my face and I cannot explain my feelings at that instant. I finally understood that money can’t buy happiness and still remember that particular feeling.

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