Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hyderabad Special !!!

Also called as the cyber city with huge office, lots of software companies, a metro culture, lots of malls but what makes Hyderabad special and different from bangalore/delhi/chennai per say.
There is nothing like a metro/local train or Volvo busses to go to office, but a concept of shared auto. I could not have imagined 7 people sitting in one auto-rickshaw, but now it has become a part of my conveyance to office. Hats off to the engine of these autos which can carry so many people and that too so comfortably. There is no language problem here as compared to other metros like Bangalore or Chennai.. Infact the language is quite nawabi and slightly funny.. they say “nako” for no, “kya Hona” for kya chahiye.. just add “a” at the end for plurals like “Roda” for roads, “Fruita” for “fruits” etc. interesting!!!!
If you bargain here with an Auto walla, he would say “ Madam aap to IT vale ho.. aap to bargain mat karo” as if IT people make millions.. The city is growing costlier day by day.. thanks to the IT cult but not at the same rate as other metros have grown.. it is still cheaper for IT vale people to settle down..
It’s very common here for someone in the bus to slap the other man coz he was trying to misbehave with a woman on the bus..or trying to take advantage in the crowd .. people seem to be quite helpful..Climate is not too bad either..
The city with a million people, innovative shared auto concept.. spicy food and a strangely sweet language..m loving it :)

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