Thursday, July 22, 2010

Delhi Mania

Do i look like i belong to Delhi?? this reminds me of an incident that happened when I was doing my internship with Strides -- a Pharma company fairly large but still you get to know everyone from the liftman to the security guard to the chai vala....
That day I was wearing a Blue shirt and trouser.. I land up in office and the liftman asks me.. "Madam aap Delhi se hai kya?".. i just said "Nahi" and did not bother to ask the reason.. but i kept thinking why he could have asked me such a question.. i dont look like a girl from Delhi.. m not snobbish.. i dont throw attitude.. and m not that hot too..never mind.. i thought that probably the lift guy wanted to just blabber something and thats y he asked..
The day passed and I was leaving office.. we needed to sign the register marking our attendence for the day.. the security guard was a lady.. she asks me "Madam aap Delhi se hai kya?".. I was surprised.. I dint know why did the same question came up again.. so I asked her "Mai aapko Delhi ki lagki hu kya? Ese kyo puch rahe ho?" to which she replied - "Delhi ka log bahut beautiful hota hai.. smart hota hai.. aap beautiful ho na.. " .. I was flattered.. I smiled and said "Thanks"..
I was walking my way home and a lady who used to handle the marketing division for APAC region just stopped by and said she could drop me home.. I accepted and sat in her car.. and guess what... She asks me the same question ??'''?? " Sneh.. so you belong to Delhi".. I was shocked and gave her a surprising look.. and said .. " No.. m not.. but why do u think i belong to Delhi".. to which she said .. "Delhi k logo ka hindi accha hota hai na.. to I just guessed from your accent".. 3 people asking me the same question in the same day and giving different answers was strange..
And i still remember the incident whenever i look at that blue shirt.. :P

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  1. hahaha... nice post to let people know you look good...we know that sneh :P ..just kidding.
    if asked personally u dont look like a delhi girl to me...u look more like south indian..haha :D :D