Friday, January 7, 2011

I suggest you move on...

She says - 'I suggest you move on'..

You will suddenly feel as if earth has moved below your feet... Tsunami has struck your heart and there is a sudden rush of adrenaline in your brain.. you dont know how to react.. you want to stop it but you know somewhere inside that it wont stop..
You promised you wont be angry at her.. for a while you were thinking you were the most patient man on anwered all her questions so patiently and had answers to all her questions all this while.. but today there was nothing you had to say...
You knew this was going to happen.. but your heart is not ready to still believe it..
You fail to understand how can she be so heartless.. 
It took you 26 years to find a girl and like the icecream flovor she likes, but then she leaves you for no obvious reasons. you are left there disheartened, in a thoughtless state thinking the reason why she did so. you loved her and were willing to leave anything you had for her.
its difficult to forget someone so special and its even difficult to wait for someone...but you can forget her for her sake, or you can wait for a zillion years for her with just one assuring word that she will be back. But what should you do if you are not sure whether you should forget her or wait for her. she reserved a corner in your heart and that corner is hers forever.. no one ever can occupy that place and even she knows that.
She says 'I understand... but Hurting you hurts me equally'.. Understand??? Can she even understand 1% of what you are feeling now?? Hurting me hurts her ?? U will think there is nothing left in you to get hurt anymore....
She will say she dint do anything intentionally.... Intentionally?? then y did she even do it??
U know she was genuine all this while.. she is not heartless.. she is just too emotional.. but still you would scream at her..U want her to be hurt equally..but she would not be.. U r angry on her for the first time...

People will say you cant live without her.. but no.. here is the climax.. you can can live without her... but!!! but!!! you cannot live with someone else too... you know your life will never be the same.
you think she played with your heart.. with your emotions.. you fail to understand why she did it to you.. but then your heart takes over and you are left thoughtless... there are no egos.. no chauvinisms.. no grudges.. no anger..only one voice echos again and again...
"I loved you a lot.. a lot"...

All love stories do not have a happy ending.. but they are special in their own way..they may last for 30 yrs, 3 yrs or just 3 months.. there is no measure of the amount of happiness and pain it brings with itself.

Disclaimer- Dont think i have written it for someone... and plzz it is not aimed at anyone!!1


  1. You are like MY kind of Writer with a fake disclaimers!!! I love my disclaimers :P:P

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  2. Ok this is something I can REALLY relate to :p

    "but!!! but!!! you cannot live with someone else too... you know your life will never be the same."

    I dont agree... If this was to be the one, then all this would never have happened. U can and will be very happy with the right person.

    Maybe your life will never be the same. Coz every relationship is different. But it will be special in no less a measure. :)

  3. wanted to write "well written" but for the disclaimer :) honestly a very honest delve into relationships..there's just one thing i couldn't agree to and that has been pointed out by the second comment on the post..but all in all an awesome read!