Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My cute grandma..

i cannot sleep and wake up at five
just wondering will you ever come back to life

where did u you go nani my heart thinks
tears roll down when my eyes blink

u taught me to laugh .. u taught me to cry
but you forgot to teach me why people die

i never called back, i had no time
had i known that humans are sublime

i cried i yelled and i wept
i had no choice but to accept

i lost my cutest sweetheart
and your loss left bruises in my heart

sometimes i wonder will this pain subside
or in my soul it will just hide

i can only pray that your sufferings cease
and may your soul rest in peace

The sour taste of ur aachar still tickles my tastebuds
U called me 'suneha' and it still rings in my ears
The sweetness of the khorakh that u made for us,
still lingers on my toungue..
We all loved you for u were the cutest grandma in the world..