Sunday, May 8, 2011

For My Mother : Happy Mothers Day

Some time ago.. a woman existed.. childlike and cute
Pretty as a mermaid and eyes like dew
She was born when i was born.. She was the mother in you..
She never existed before.. the feeling was new..
Yes.. she was the mother in you..

You were anxious.. and you were nervous
You had in your arms, a new life.. which left you clueless..
You soon realised it would'nt be as easy as a stroll..
Coz from now ... your heart will walk outside your soul

You gave me your wings.. when i wanted to fly
You cried with me.. when i wanted to cry
You became my strength .. when i was shy
You became my earth.. you became my sky

It killed you to see me grow inch by inch..
Though you knew it would kill you more if I dint..
You wanted to capture my every imprint
From my first footstep to my first eye blink

You patiently listened.. when i wanted to talk
You helped me untangle.. when there was a deadlock
You saw me grow.. to designer saree from a lacy frock
You always imagined.. you always thought...
the day your daughter.. will enter a wedlock

You visualised every bit... you fancied the shimmer
You imagined how she would dazzle in gold and sliver..
Would it be gowdy or would you keep it simpler
But that day you will bless her to be happy forever..

"As is the mother.. so is her daughter".. as this proverb says
I promise to be like you.. in life and its every phase
You are most precious and will always be
Thanks for being the best mom..
Lest i would never be..


  1. Nice thoughts, reminding all the sacrifices she does for us. Loved it.

  2. Wow Sneh ... its amazingly written... just loved it ... m sure aunty s proud of u :)

  3. am really impressed the way you express your feelings...loved it....

  4. Thanks Guys.. @Deepika- Mom to proud tab hogi na tab vo padhengi.. maine to unko bataya b nahi hai :)

  5. Beautiful and very meaningful.