Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bade Ache Lagte Hai

Today I want to write about Ekta Kapoor's another cliched daily soap - 'Bade' Ache Lagte Hai... I used to be addicted to it once upon a time, waiting for 10.30 every night to watch the next episode. It depicted the story of a middle class girl Priya who gets married to the business tycoon Ram Kapoor. The lead characters Priya and Ram get married in their late 30s, and the story revolves how they realize and identify love for each other. It did carry off for a few episodes very well and soon became the most popular daily soap on Sony television.

However a good story and poor execution doesn't go a long way in luring its audience. There is nothing 'Bada' about the serial unless you want to look at the burgeoning tummy of Ram Kapoor. The heroine is unattractive with horrifying dressing and make-up sense. Her lower middle class kurti-jeans attire, hair shabbily tied with clucher shifted to one side of her neck depicts a woman who lacks youth and confidence. Ram Kapoor's wears a black business suit irrespective of the weather, looks flabby and unhealthy, seems he needs a break after every few seconds to catch his breathe.

The dialogues are repetitive, the story doesn't move forward and the lead characters are least attractive. And the much talked about chemistry of the lead roles - Ram and Priya seems threadbare. They are 'Bade' actors of the small screen, but there on-screen chemistry is almost non-existent. Probably they don't give dates for the shooting, hence the shots seem to be taken discretely and joined in a logical sequence. In an entire 20 minute episode, there is no scene where the lead characters actually shoot together. This makes it irritating and unbearable to watch in addition to the fact that the story has no more interesting concepts left and the dialogue writer is too politically correct with all his sentences, be it the protagonists, supporting casts or the vamps.

Dear Ekta, the motivation to watch your serials is its latest trends in dressing and jewellery, straight forward dialogues, pretty faces and good vamps. Bade Ache Lagte Hai, is different from the league, but has nothing worth watching anymore. There is nothing 'Bade' or 'Ache' about it, except the 'Bade' commercial breaks.

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