Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dhoom 3 = Three Puntars trying to be smart

Dhoom 3 : My Review
The movie starts with a young boy Sahir (Aamir Khan) whose father (Jakie Shroff) is in huge debt from the bank as his Circus 'The Great Indian Circus' is a flop. The bank confiscates their property, Jakie Shroff is not able to handle the situation and shoots himself. This leaves a lasting impact on the twin kids (Aamir khan has double role) Sahir and Samar and they head off to destroy the Western Bank of Chicago. The police department unable to track this thief calls two super cops from India - Jay Dikshit (Abhishek) and Ali (Uday chopra). In the meanwhile, the twin Aamir brothers have managed to loot 2 branches of the bank and also revive their circus show. Katrina also joins them in their circus showing off her long legs and athletic moves. Of the twin brothers, one is an autistic superIQ guy (Samar) who is hidden from the world and another is the smart one (Sahir) who is exposed. Two guys living the identity of one guy is their secret which is unveiled by Jay (Abhishek Bacchan). He befriends Samar (autistic) and brings in the girl (Katrina) between the two brothers. In the end, finally after a lot of chasing, flying cars and firing done, the twin thieves get caught. They do manage to fulfill their mission - the Western Bank of Chicago has fallen now. The twin Aamirs climb off the steep dam and story ends there.

Here are my few pointers -

Why Aamir Why?? With the perfectionist mask around you, you are the one hero who is supposed to give good scripts. After watching Talaash and Dhoom 3, I seriously doubt that you have ever payed any heed to the scripts nowadays. And Aamir.. we know you want to look smart and serious but why this constant constipated look on your face all the time. Oh Common!!! Set pe halke hoke aana tha na.... audience ko kyo jhila rahe ho boss.

Katrina Kaif - Why were you in the movie - it could have been done by the league of any junior artist as well. I do understand that you underwent some circus training for this movie, but what for? Only 1 Kamli song? You started the song overdressed only to strip one garment after another in every 10 seconds and ended up in bare essentials. No one cares for the cartwheels or gymnastics that you showed. I guess other actresses like Sunny or Sofie would have been more appropriate. Ohh but yes, there was a love quotient too with Aamir for few scenes - how could I miss that. The only missing part was the "Love" in that quotient. Sorry to say, but there was no depth and it looked really really superficial.

Abhishek Bacchan - The super cop who pretends to look as Champu as he actually is. His entry sequence is in auto-rickshaw in a mumbai slum dressed in a really average shirt where he is supposed to catch a gunda. No uniform, no police jeep, no pistol, some hawaldar ka danda he carries and no attitude. But I thought you were a cop?? Please take some grace from your wife or father.

Uday Chopra - What can I say about you dude. Dude or pantar?? whatever. It has been a long time vacation from silver screen for you. You could have worked on your body or expressions in that long time.. but no. You too are inspired by Abhishek's sense of dressing, gayish lafandar clothing with colored goggles? And you haven't grown a bit in the last 10 years since Dhoom 2. Still looking at every woman and imagining your 'hum do hamare do'... that too.. not just once or twice.. at least 5-6 times during the 2.5 hours flick.. give me a break please.

The Story - Immature and full of flaws. The story is based in Chicago, not in India. Did not expect Chicago police to be so dumb that they needed Indian cops for catching the thief. And that too, no smart cops.. two dumb loafer looking guys who haven't been able to catch a single thief since Dhoom1, 2 and now 3.
Aamir twin brothers - only one is known to the world and another one is hidden... for so many years?? Don't they have any social security number or population tracking in the foreign countries? Didn't they register in school or college? Anyway chalo maaf kiya.
The autistic brother only comes out of home on Sundays between 12.30 to 3?? Rest of the time he is inside the house so that no-one sees him. Isn't it a bit of violation of basic human rights only to protect your stupid secret and rob a bank??
The other smart brother, the normal Aamir Khan tries really hard to look smart with his constant constipated look on his face. Oh Common!!! Set pe halke hoke aana tha na.... audience ko kyo jhila rahe ho boss.

Not all is bad.. There were some real positives too...

Music - Definitely good. Songs are a bit out of place but the music rocks.

Background score-  Definitely good too.. which lifts the overall mood of the movie

Camera shots - Very close and exciting shots.. shots are colourful and aesthetic too...loved it

Location - Amazing scenaries except the Mumbai slum scene

Surprise elements - The bikes racing at enormous speeds, moving on the wire.. flying down the stairs and convertibles too... Aamir's bike converts to a speed boat once and has some complex tracking softwares too... amazing..

Thrillers - The movie is high on unpredictability quotient.. keeps you guessing what happens next and hooks you till the end.

Overall - The rating will depend on what you expect when you go for this movie. If you go for the story, you will dislike it. But overall experience is good - decent star cast, decent music, some surprise elements and good shots make the movie a watchable one.
I was not disappointed, as you cannot expect meaningful stories in these high budget movies. If we head out to seek meaning then go for Art movies or non commercial ones... There was no meaning in Dabangg or Chennai express or Yeh jawani hai deewani... or whatever...


  1. good review. but u should also mention that it is a very colorful movie. dear how could u forget abt amir's bike that runs on same speed in water ground and air?

  2. Yeah... i should mention that as well... edited :)

  3. nice review dee

    my experience says its the worst movie of the series dhoom1 and dhoom2 was much bettr... at least the got some plans
    some unacceptable kind of things seen in dhoom3 ajeeb sa reason to loot every bank..... just because his father was not able to pay back the loan (lolz) come on yaar......... anyone wont do that :D OK he loots the bank and take a backpack with him :D which is enough to affect the bank for lifetime :D :D hahahaha
    yes Katrina Kaif just keeps on poping up to tell yes i am also there in the movie
    :D i will rate it
    1.5(dhoom3 ) + 0.5amir /5 = 2/5
    just because they made a high budget movie does nt mean
    //kuch bhi dikhaoge or log taarif karenge //
    amir just lost the position of Mr perfectionist will nt go for ur movie with first day shows cant take bad surprises any more

    "talash" was even worst than this one (in that kareena can open doors do everything but can she kill the one who murdered her why she use amir to do so ) .....

  4. Well, Dhoom and Dhoom 2 was great. Now the third part is also out now. You can download it from here.
    Dhoom 3