Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What's the Smell: My hostel encounters with Smelly friends

As soon as I think of my unpleasant encounters with smells, I remember my hostel days. Limited number of bathrooms, you on your own and a lazy atmosphere makes everyone skip a day or two from our regular bath routine. But there were some students who would always smell unpleasant.

It was exam time and preparatory leaves were going on. I had a friend of mine who was too lazy to take a bath, whenever she would go out, she would dump himself with a full deo spray, apply gel to her hair, wear an ironed dress and assume that she is ready to impress everyone around. I went to her room because I wanted notes for the exam. There was a peculiar smell which made me feel sick.

I asked her- "What's that smell??" sniffing my nose.
"What... what smell??" she asked back.
"I don't know, something strange. Did you take a bath today?"
"Wha... what smell yaar..." She immediately picked up a room freshener and sprayed it around.
"No.. its not the room... Its you." I grinned at her making a nosey face.
She did not admit that she has'nt taken bath and just kept on ignoring my comment. I couldn't tolerate even a single moment in that room and told her that I would come back for the notes.

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Ugh.. it was unbearable.I wondered if she was aware of her smell. Later she came to my room with the notes. I could clearly smell that huge shower of deodorant or perfume that she had on her, but still there was a peculiar repulsive smell.
"What's that smell?" I asked again. She took a long breathe and made a pleasant grin.
"Is'nt it nice.. its my new perfume.. that too bina gas vala"

I was not sure if it was a problem with olefactory settings in my nose or was it really her problem. She was a very popular girl in college and I was not sure how her various boyfriends never smell what I do.

I decided to figure out her problem. She was my friend and I was concerned if she was undergoing any skin problems or if my nose was too sniffy. So I asked her very frankly if she has bathed today.
She replied, "Yaar.. there is so much left to study, no time for bath. I had it yesterday."
The next day, same time I asked her if she had gone for bathe. She felt my behaviour towards her was turning strange. but she replied.
"Its too cold yaar.. december ke mahine me kaun thande paani se nahata hai"
The next day again there was another excuse for not bathing.

So I spoke to the hostel warden and explained her the long term implications of the conditions prevailing in our hostel. Few Racold heaters were ordered for the hostel, and soon I realised that there were days when my smell friend became a pleasant smelling friend.
A deodorant can never replace a hot water bath.

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  1. Nice take on the contest prompt. Good luck!

  2. hehe well so many of us have these hostel stories don't we?


    1. Ya Richa.. hostel comes first when we talk of smelly encounters...

  3. Funny! Even I have my share of hostel miseries :D
    All the best :)

  4. Hello
    Sneh Maam,
    Fantastically written, superb I liked it..
    Thanks for sharing
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    Bhavikk shah

  5. I have stayed in dorm and that's worse than hostels and you just have to force people to bath so that you could stay and sleep peacefully :) Nice entry :)

    1. Thanks Gaurab... congrats to you too for the prize :)

  6. Good one Sneh and congrats for the win!!

  7. Good write up Sneh. Liked reading :)

  8. Thanks Ekta.. i too loved ur post.. infact i had commented on it long back.. not sure how they decided on the winners though :(

  9. Lol! Nice one! Many congratulations to you :) I still wonder why on earth people procrastinate a lot to take bath!!!! Glad they have a clean friend around to show them the path to cleanliness! ;)