Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dove Go Play: Time to go Bollywood !!!

I have rough curly hair and none of the hairstyles suited me. Since childhood I craved for compliments but my unruly wavy hair were never quite gather any. I used to feel jealous of my friends who had silky shiny hair, they would sometimes open them, sometimes color them or they would portray streaks of different shades at times. It was rather annoying to me as I could never try any of those styles. All I would do it put lots of oil and braid them as they would get unruly in no time otherwise. Whenever I went to a beauty parlor for haircut, the beautician would comment on how dry and low quality my hair were and advice to use shikakai, some expensive conditioners, serum etc. Who wants to listen to unsolicited advice, but still I tried all the products they suggested diligently. Sometimes I felt that I am a scapegoat for the beauticians who would buy whatever product they sell. I tried umpteen hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, serums and natural remedies too. The expensive salon products would make you look good for a day but in subsequent washes the quality of hair further degraded. The harsh chemicals in salon products led to excessive hair fall and greying of hair. On the other hand the natural remedies were not as effective.

Bollywood was the biggest craze since I was a teenager and I craved to look like models and actresses. Even after matching their dress I could never match their style. Though disappointed, I had accepted the fact that some things in self are by birth and will never change.

After all that, one of my friend suggested me to try Dove shampoo and conditioner. Though I was apprehensive to experiment with another product on my already broke hair, I decided to give it a shot. After the first wash, it felt softer and a bit more manageable. The smell of the product was also arousing enough to gather couple of compliments on my wet hair. I tried subsequently and to my surprise, after every wash my hair were softer and smoother, and no hair fall. I felt happier to try different hairstyles and just let is fly open without any worry about damage. I would try different looks from bollywood and it all suited me.
Dove Hair Care Range

I was as if my life had turned upside down. I will share some pictures where I tried the bollywood styles and I also go compliments for my hair.

I my college I wanted to have Bipasha Basu style of curls, she was the latest model in the industry with lots of Bhat camp hits and the Bips trend was something to look for. I thought of giving it a try and I thought it was not bad. People specifically commented on my hair. It was quite easy, overnight oiling, washing in the morning and little bit of blow dry with a roller comb.

This gave me the confidence to try more hairstyles on my newly managed hair.

Post completion of college, we all go posted in different companies. First look in office for a filmy girl like me had to be inspired again by the then latest flick, Corporate, where Bipasha Basu truly justifies her image of a successful confident woman in a high ponytail.
Oh my God.... I totally rocked it too. Soon I was forgetting my hairy vows and focusing on more important aspects of like.

For office picnic again I had to think of something unique and thanks to bollywood movies, the latest running flick at that time was Gajini where Asin played the role of a bindass open minded girl seen portraying a hairband most of the time. That was it, I tried it and believe it or not, it was major style statement. Women folks started asking me from where I had purchased that band and how it suited me so much.

Soon my parents found a guy for me and I had to meet him for the first time at a coffee shop. In arranged marriages, first impression is the last impression as most of the time only one meeting is allowed. How could such important occasion go without me being inspired by bollywood again. My parents wanted me to portray a moderate homely look and play it down. By now they were very well aware that their Bollywood fanatic daughter would want to be rebellious. I wanted my true bindass personality to come out in my first meeting. The filmy trends suggested aviator glasses with a western casual outfit, be if Deepika Padukone in Cocktail or Prachi Desai in I me aur mai or Priyanka Chopra, no one seemed to get enough of Aviators. So it was :)
You can see my picture and guess what, it all went amazing and the decision was a yes. I liked the guy too ;)

On my engagement I wanted to try a modern yet retro look, so I took a printout of the model I wanted to look like and showed it to my parlor lady. To my surprise, the lady who had passed a thousand comments on my hair earlier and looted me with all those expensive products, complimented me.
"Aapne hair spa karvaya kya?" she asked rolling her fingers through my hair. I had no words, I simply smiled.

Wedding look - On my wedding I wanted to look my traditional best, so I opted for another actress inspired hairstyle. Though it seems like a simple braid and a gajra tied over it, carrying this hairstyle required me to have long strong and thick hair. I avoided getting them cut for a couple of months before my wedding and I was glad to pull it off very well.

Now comes the honeymoon which is one of the best times you spend with your husband. It is indeed special, but will I still spend all my time looking like bollywood actresses? I decided to just be myself on my honeymoon, and let my hair speak for themselves. I let them free to flow and fly the way they wanted to, not the way bollywood wanted them to be...

My hunger for healthy happy hair is satisfied now but bollywood craze still continues... :)

Recently I had to attend a friend's wedding who is from Chennai and she insisted that I dress up like a South Indian. So how could my look not be inspired by our latest Chennai Express, Deepika looks beautiful in a half-saree and south hairstyle. I tried it too... :)

So if you are also bollywood crazy like me or love to play with your hair, go for Dove and you will fall in love with it.

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  1. very nice.loved the pics....esp the wedding one...looks lovely

    1. Thanks ND.. i follow ur blog too.. esp.. ur poetry :)

  2. Wow, both the pictures and narration are stunning. Good luck!

  3. Candid, frank and ahh so sweet..loved your stoies here..and the pics are stunning/ striking! Its a wow post!

    1. Thanks Ekta... I too loved the caricatures in your Dove post :)

  4. my god !!!!! thts all I felt while reading yr story and u looking no lesser than a bollywood diva in yr wedding pic .. plus u hv perfectly paired the pics fr each event.. all the best fr contest

  5. Awesome effort, Sneh! This is a Winning entry!
    The way you have expressed- both words & images, simply super! Bollywood heroines & you gel! :) Best wishes!

  6. You and ur hair looks beautiful :)... How often you will wash your hair in a week, and which dove shampoo nd conditioner u r using..?