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Pimples and the Worst day of my life

Pimple Pimples Pimples... Describing the worst day of my life..
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This unwanted peril has never left me since my teens but this day is still vivid in my memory. It was my 10th board exam day.I was already stressed due to the study pressure, but that full day was one which left a deep scare in my life and kept on haunting me for many years.I was supposed to get up early in the morning to do my final revision ( 3 hours of revision, a time period where you need 200% concentration). I did get up but could not concentrate due to continuous itching and some discomfort. To my utmost horror, I was staring at 3 big dark red color pimples, which had increase din size over night. What a way to start a critical day!!! Some how I finished the revision, thinking and feeling only my 3 latest enemies. Even worse than my teachers which I hated and dreaded the most. In front of these 3 pimples, those teachers looked saints.

After finishing the revision, I decided to quickly get freshen up and get ready for school. As soon as I entered the bathroom, I just started staring these 3 terrorists on my face who have entered in my life without my permission. I kept on looking at mirror for 15 minutes, only to be shouted upon by my mom to come out and get ready quickly. It was nothing but excessive use of mirror.

On breakfast table, my dear dad after looking at these 3 naxalites on my face started giving lecture about my lack of personal hygiene and fooding habits. I expected some motivational talk but i only got some rant.It really put a big dent on my confidence to face any time of exam. I thought this was the worst day and it cannot worsen more. But to my surprise god had more in store for me.

As soon as I reached the exam center ( already late ), my whole class started looking at me as if I have come after playing holi. Entire class started making fun of me including my first crush, a tall dark basketball player, whom I admired so much. So much for the heart got crushed.

During the entire exam time of 3 hours, I only kept on thinking about it, scratching it, in between some taunts from my teacher about I should focus on my cleanliness and continuous neglect from my crush. Somehow I got through the exam, hoping, praying, making deals with god to take me through.

Now I thought the day is over and time to reach home and relax,

As soon as I got home, my mother took me to a dermatologist who gave some 3 different types of tablet, 1 syrup and a long lecture on how should eat well and live my life. Medication prescribed did not yield any positive result and trauma continued in next exam also.
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Midway I decided enough is enough and time to take matters in my own hand.I started using Garnier Neem face wash and I could really see the difference within few days. All my subsequent exams went well and I could score well. The score in those exams still helps me and thanks to Garnier, I am able to confidently share my results.

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