Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bedtime Rituals: The special time with my baby

Being a mother has been the most beautiful experience of my life. A new life was placed in my hands and I was responsible for taking care of her. I still remember the day my daughter was born, so small, so delicate and so damn cute. But being a mother comes with its own set of challenges. After 9 months of nausea, vomiting, uneasiness and final labor pains, now was the time for sleepless nights.

My baby never slept a single night for the first 2 months of her life and so didn't I. Night after night I used to spend roaming around the darkness with my baby in my arms, trying to make her sleep, changing her nappies and feeding her every other hour. Though I used to sleep during days, but I hadn't slept for 50 nights at a stretch and it was taking a toll on my overall health and moods. I used to pray to God to keep me sane during those tough days and make it easier. Slowly my baby started to adjust her cycle and understanding days and nights. Then my friend suggested to start bedtime rituals which will help my baby relax and associate her night sleep with the night time relaxing activities. I followed these rituals without fail everyday and it was pleasant for both me and my baby as it increased our bonding and improved our sleep.
Night time massage - I used to massage my baby with warm oil every night so that her body and muscles relax and she sleeps peacefully. I generally did not prefer to give bath at night as the elders in my family felt the baby was too small and might catch a cold if I did so in the night.

Comfortable night clothes - The massage was followed by a change of clothes to comfortable cotton dress in light color shades and I used to also change my bed sheet to a white one and avoid any glaring colors at night.

Pampers: I put her in her Pampers baby dry pants every night, so that she stays dry and sleeps uninterruptedly. This ensures a good sleep for not only my baby but also for me since I do not need to change nappies every other hour and it lasts entire night up to 12 hours. This was very relaxing for me as I could sleep comfortably without worrying if my baby is wet.

Cool ambiance: Every day at the same time, I switch off my lights and put a night bulb. My family was instructed to switch off all TV or other noisy activities in the house for the baby to calm down and prepare for sleep.

Cuddling and feeding - I carry my baby in my arms for about half hour and roam in my balcony for her to calm down and then nurse her to sleep. She sleeps almost a full night now only waking up once for feed.
I do not need to worry about changing her nappies or interruptions in her sleep due to wetness because Pampers provides a full dry night. The dry pants are very comfortable and do not cause any irritation to her skin.
Thanks to Pampers for giving both mom and baby a good nights sleep :)

This post is written for Bedtime Rituals happy hour contest on Indiblogger in association with Pampers.


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