Sunday, March 15, 2015

Being #together is the best feeling

While pursuing the larger ambitions in life, we often forget that the best moments and joys come from the smallest of things. My story dates back to 2012 when I had traveled to Germany for a project assignment leaving behind my family for couple of months. This was my first trip abroad and I was very excited but at the same time nervous too. Soon the excitement faded and I started feeling lonely in this world. I longed to meet my husband and family back in India, but I were to stay there until the project ended.
Although the phone and Internet connect us virtually almost all the time, but still the longing for each other increased with each passing day. Skype and Google talk became my best friends and I used to be in touch with my husband almost all the time, though I missed his physical presence. Festivals passed one after the other and so did some of the weddings of my close friends and relatives. And so passed my birthday and our first wedding anniversary too. The feeling of being lonely had started to sink in now and I wanted to go back to my roots now. 
New year was around the corner, holiday season had started and those Christmas decorations, night markets and jingle bells did not ring any bells in me since there was no one I could enjoy them with. On one such night, I was talking to my husband and telling him about the beautiful lighting and merry atmosphere in the city and that how much I was missing him. He asked me to go shopping as it would lift my mood, knowing very well that girls love to shop. I expressed my displeasure and told him that I don't feel like shopping without him. 
"C'mon, spend some money. It would make you happy," he had told me on the phone.
"If money could buy happiness, all the rich would be happy. Money can't buy happiness" I replied to him disapprovingly.
The next day I tried to reach him but his phone was not available. I looked for him on skype and other chat accounts but there too he was offline. I was slightly worried about him so I called his mother. She too was unaware of his whereabouts. Next day morning, my door bell rang and there he was, standing casually with his backpack and smiling. I couldn't believe if it was real or I was dreaming. I almost screamed in shock and hugged him tightly.
"Money can't buy happiness, but it can definitely buy tickets to Germany so that we can be together for the new year." He grinned. I had never felt so happy in the last few months of my stay away from home.
He was right, though money couldn't buy happiness, but togetherness definitely can make us happy. We spent the new year together in Paris and relived our romance once again on the Eiffel Tower. We roamed on the streets of Zurich and experienced the snow on the Alps. We watched movies, drank wine, went shopping and most important of all, enjoyed so many priceless moments together.
Those memories are still fresh in my mind and bring a smile to my face every time I revisit them.

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  1. Such an amazing surprise!! I can relate in some way to your post. So glad that the days of separation led to such a wonderful surprise you'll remember forever. :) Best to both of you!