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Yummlicious Singapore !!!!

Singapore is a Foodie's delight. I had heard so much about Singapore from my family and friends that it was No.1 on my wishlist and I longed to travel there. So this holiday season, we decided to plan a trip to Singapore. But my Itinerary was not just about places to visit but also about the food to try in Singapore. I had heard a lot about the variety of cuisines Singapore has to offer so I just researched on the internet and decided to eat one Singaporean specialty each day.

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Far East Hospitality was the best website which guided me to the food options that I must try in Singapore, and trust me I was not disappointed. I almost loved everything on the Singaporean cuisine but I will list my favorites here -

1. Best Of Coffee -  Well, I am a coffee addict, so my post for favorite food has to start with the Coffee, or rather Kopi that I love from Singapore. Kopi is a national drink of Singapore and it well deserves this tag as Singaporeans love to start their mornings with their special kopi and evenings are best enjoyed over a cup of kopi. I felt that this is a stronger version of cappuccino since the coffee beans are high caffeine robusta beans rather than arabica, that is mostly popular in the west.
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Multiple variants are available such as  Kopi, Kopi-gau, Kopi-poh, Kopi-C etc just like we have our Cappachino, Caffe-latte, frappe etc etc. The best was the Kopi enjoyed at 40 Hands Cafe at Yong Siak Street as recommended by Far East Hospitality.
The Name of the Cafe comes from the fact that it take 40 hands to produce a single cup of coffee right from bean to cup. The aroma of roasted coffee beans with condensed milk making it thick and creamy along with the perfect sugar makes the best coffee I have ever had in my life. 

2. Best Appetizer: Being a non vegetarian, my favorite appetizer is the famous turtle soup available in Singapore. In India, my quest for a good non vegetarian soup was not much of a success but Singapore quenched my thirst by its turtle soup. Soft shell turtles are very juicy and they do not have the typical meat or sea food smell. The flavors of local herbs and chilli along with the soft flesh works wonders. In just one sip, I knew I fell in love with this soup.
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3. Best Main Course Dish: Chilli Crab is promoted as one of the Singapore's National Dish and after eating I agreed that this deserves to be one of the National Singaporean Dish. Stir Fried Crab in a tangy thick tomato and chilly gravy appeals to the taste buds. This is yummy and a must try food when in Singapore.
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4. Best of Rice: I have eaten enough of Chicken rice, mutton and prawn biryanis in India and now it was time to try something unusual for my palate. So, we tried the Duck Rice, a delicacy made with roasted duck and served with thick dark sauce along with boiled eggs and stir fried vegetables. We had this dish as Ah Seng Duck Rice and I absolutely loved this delicacy. The impeccable combination of spicy, tangy and salty gravy with the fresh and juicy duck flesh perfectly compliments the rice on the plate.  

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5. Best of Roti: Well, roti also has its twists in Singapore. There are a variety of Singaporean Pratas (Paratha) available. My favorite one is Chicken Floss Prata, where shreds of dried chicken rolled into a Prata, perfectly suiting to the Indian tastes. As recommended by Far East Hospitality, the best chicken floss prata can be tried at The Roti Prata House on Upper Thomson House. This Prata is big and very filling for a single person. I bet you will fall in love with the Prata varieties in Singapore and you will eat them again and again.
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6. Best of Desserts: Since I have a sweet tooth, I love almost all the desserts, be it in India or Singapore. One of my favorites is Almond jelly, which is a simple yet a very refreshing sweet. This is a sweet jelly made from almonds and versions of this dessert are available at different Singaporean restaurants. Some combine it with fresh lychees or with strawberries and other fresh fruits while other places serve it with logans.

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So all in all, Singapore was a gastronomical delight and I loved the entire spread of food especially the sea food variety.

To know more about Singapore food and the delicious cuisine, visit Far East Hospitality.

This yummy post has been written for Takeaway Level: Singapore campaign by Far East Hospitality in association with Indiblogger.

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