Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#Choose To Start with the all new Moto E

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There is a quote which says that a Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but now its time to add another phrase to this quote, he can live much lesser time without his smartphone. 

Smartphones have become the lifeline of our lives and it is hard to imagine spending even few minutes without it. Reminiscing old memories is always a pleasure, the first cordless phone where the entire family could talk from their own space, the first cellphone where we could talk to anyone in practically any city any place and then came the smartphones which are all the more special because they not just make communication possible anywhere but are also connect you to the world of possibilities.

And what better way to Choose my smartphone journey with the amazing and all new Moto E. This is a new class of smartphone which provides a great mobile experience and is friendly to the pocket.

So, here is my to-do list of what I would #Choose to start with the all new Moto E -
Me and my daughter in a Selfie

Selfies - My friends call me the selfie queen of the group, because I pollute their bandwidth with my selfies all the time. And now with my new Moto E this has become all the more easy. Just with a twist of the wrist I can launch Motorola's quick capture feature without even touching the phone. A 5 mp rear camera along with a front camera is perfect for taking photographs and selfies.

Music - I love listening to popular bollywood songs, yo yo honey singh and other pop music. Whether I am cooking, jogging, playing a mobile game or surfing the net, headphones are my best friends. Earlier I used to have a small transistor for my music, then came the walkmann, then I had my iPod and now my smartphone fulfills my music needs. With a battery that lasts all day, listening to music for hours on the go without having to break for charging is definitely worth an applaud.

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Gaming- I am an addict of mobile gaming (honest confession). Be it Candy crush, 2048, temple run, fruit ninja, clash of clans, you name it, and my powerful smartphone will assist me in faster gaming with its quad core processor

Paris on my Map

Travel bindaas without a map: My all new Moto E would provide connectivity to Internet 4G and 3G speeds, which means I can never be lost while meandering into the streets of Bangalore or Paris or Singapore. I no longer need a hard copy of the map to find places, my all new Moto E is just what I need to carry.
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Zing with style: Being fashionable and stylish is as important as being smart in today's world and the same is valid for a cellphone. Black and white are for business but when spending fun time, going to parties or even personal time at home, colors add zing to life. I would change the skins of my Moto E to match with my moods and shades of my dress.

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Get Fit from Fat: I would also choose to get fitter with the awesome apps like Endomondo, pedometer and other awesome apps which come with the latest Android OS, Lollipop to maintain my fitness and keep a track of my diet, jogging and more.

So this is how I would Choose To Start my all new Smartphone experience with the awesome Moto E.

This post is written for the #ChooseToStart campaign by Moto E in association with Indiblogger.
Read more about the all new Moto E on http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

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