Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start Of A New Life

Change is the only constant thing in life. But then, we are so hesitant to accept change that we do anything to be where we are. Same was the case with me when I decided to challenge my personality faults and resolved to improve myself. Since childhood I was a shy and introvert personality.
I did not mingle with people a lot, had few friends and was mostly known as a silent person sitting on the back bench doing her studies in school. I never had the guts to face the girls who bullied me and I preferred to stay away from them. Neither did I ever had the confidence to participate in the cultural activities in school because the thought of going on stage itself sent jitters in my stomach and made my legs tremble.
An average student who likes to have lunch with the same set of friends, who never speaks up in class and doesn't have much to do with others was an easily forgettable personality. My parents encouraged me every time to be sportive, to participate in events and to shun my fear, but much to their dismay, I never did anything to surprise them.
The wheel of time turned, new session started and the school was inviting nominations for NCC Camp (National Cadet Corps).The entire class was excited about it and so was I. I had a fascination for the khaki dress, the march past, the rifle shooting and the camps. So, I too raised my hand for admission into NCC. I heard some giggles, some whispers from surrounding classmates and soon the entire class was laughing. The teacher asked -"Are you sure? Will you be able to leave your home and live in a camp for 10 days" I saw a strange belittling smile on her face too. I was ashamed, not at myself but at the teacher who, instead of encouraging me, was lowering my self confidence.
This was not an instant decision, I had been awake for almost an entire night to gather the courage to nominate myself for this prestigious group. Why couldn't I go to an NCC camp? Just because I was shy or lacked confidence?
I was determined to do this and nothing should deter me. I swallowed, brought all my energies together, and replied strongly. "Yes, I want to go for the camp. Is there a problem?"
That was a moment when I could feel a new found strength in my voice.
"Okay. I would put your name in the list. There will be externals who would be selecting. Let's see what happens"
My heart was pounding with excitement. This would be a first time I would leave my home and live with strangers in a tent. I would have to do everything independently, mingle with new people and survive in harsh conditions. I was thankful that the externals were selecting for NCC and my past record will not impact the judgement. There was a week left for selection and I prepared day and night. I contacted the seniors, which in itself was a humongous task for a person like me, and asked them about the questions that will be asked. Mirror became my best friend who witnessed my dialogue delivery and practice to be confident.
The final day came and I was the only one selected from my class. This was a good enough shock for those who had giggled and whispered behind my back.
 I left my home, stayed in a camp for 10 days and successfully concluded it.
This was a turning point of my life. Not only did I learn that I can survive alone, I made some new friends and was also promoted to become the vice Sergeant of my team.
My life completely changed since then and I never looked back. I soon fought my stage fear too and emerged victorious in the end.  I went on to win many personality titles in my school, college and work life too. \

Now that I look back, this seems like a small struggle which started a new life for me.

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